Mark Simms

Does this sound familiar? You have great ideas for your website and your marketing campaign - a regular flow of news items, a blog, an email newsletter, your own YouTube channel, and more. Time, though, is an issue, so you brief an agency. But the minute you start talking about your technologies, you see their eyes start to glaze over, and you know they don’t really understand what makes your business tick or your products unique. Then they give you the bill.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. I’m an industry journalist and videographer with over 25 years experience in engineering and manufacturing.

Freelance Journalist and Videographer

There are masters of the written word and there are specialists in video production, but there are very few experts in both. Which is surprising considering the overlap between these two worlds. That’s where I come in. As an engineer myself, I combine hard technical know-how with flair and imagination to lift your company above the rest, whether through the written word or through new media opportunities such as video.

Not only can I see the opportunities that others might miss, but with my combined expertise in audio, video and the written word, I can provide a single source of supply for affordable, high quality content for your own website, for online media portals, for eNewsletters and for the printed trade press.

With an engineering degree and more than two decades of journalistic experience, I have written for most of the leading titles and have been retained as a technical copywriter by a host of leading edge companies – from the biggest blue chips in the business to the smallest start-up operations. And with BBC experience combined with a degree level understanding of audio and broadcast systems, I am also adept at producing videos that will meet the needs of your business. Without the overheads of a large agency, I can provide an extremely cost-effective service, with each job individually priced, and delivered on time and on budget.